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We are manufacturing surgical, beauty, and Dental instruments. We are providing high-quality dental, beauty, and surgical items all over the world. The company is one of the leading exporters of these instruments.

An established surgical, and dental equipment company providing instruments all over the world. The company is a trusted dental, beauty, and surgical instruments provider that supplies thousands of instruments in each of their department.

The company can source a huge amount of products and export them all over the world in an extensive range



We are one of the leading Dental instruments, Beauty instruments, and Surgical instruments industries of Sialkot whose products are exported all over the world in a vast range. The company is offering reliable, high-quality, and excellent in their durability at a reasonable price. HADBA TEEQ  SURGICAL  has got a team of experts who are always ready and motivated to provide our customers with their desired products.

Our team is always in search of the latest tools and equipment to keep our customers updated. That is the main reason our team of professionals always gets appreciation and good gestures from our clients in providing them their desired product. We always remain in touch with our customers in receiving their views about the latest tools and equipment for the betterment of the company.


Our mission is to fulfill the needs of our customers by providing them with quality products and to conduct our business activities in a way that our customers, employees, and all stakeholders should be uniformly benefited.


Our vision is to bring Metro Medical as the leading dental and surgical instruments provider in highly professional way by providing its consumers high quality instruments and by playing an active and important role in market.

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